In an industry that can be so over-saturated with either too much of what’s in or too much of what sells, Ike Sav is that bit of fresh air when you can’t seem to breathe. With a style that beautifully integrates both Hip-Hop and R&B, his flows many times can come through both rap and melodic or as a straight rap as they tell their story. The emotion in his artistry is unmatched. It doesn’t stop there, he also composes and produces each and every one of his songs. His beats, flows, and lyrics hit the soul like none other. The stories, the heartbreaks, the sound his music contains all speak to the human soul with high connectivity. When have you heard of a rapper that can also be thrown into R&B? Ike Sav is that beautiful integration as he naturally does it, making him a pure artist. Ike Sav is definitely here to stay. His music is commercial enough for everyone’s ear, and emotional enough for the soul to take as real. Ike Sav is Hip-Hop.